Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Weekend Adventure in College Station

This past weekend my dad and I traveled to College Station, TX to visit my sister, Vanessa Hicks, and her boyfriend, Cory Laird.  She's a first year PhD student at Texas A&M and has very little time to cook.  Therefore, I offered to come help her learn a few quick healthy recipes and then cook up many more meals that I froze.

Since the Oscars were on Sunday, we also decided to catch up on a few of the nominated movies.  Here we were watching the lovely Brad Pitt in Moneyball.  A very good movie especially since it was about stats (and baseball). :)

Instead of posting all the pictures, I made a quick collage with Picasa of many of the dishes we bought/made.

Things we made that are pictured above include a spinach cheesy pasta and cabbage soup in the crockpot, turkey burgers, 13 rolls of sushi (yes, 13!), a louisiana gumbo (recipe from Pirate's Pantry)

We went out to eat at Blue Baker, The Lemon Wedge, and Sweet Eugene's in College Station and Bryan, TX.

Here's a list of everything else we made that is not shown in the picture above:
- lemon pie from The Lemon Wedge (delicious!)
- hummus
- salmon
- mojitos
- and green juices

I'd say our weekend was a great success!


  1. No doubt about it: it was a yummy yummy weekend. And clearly, Bryan/College Station has places to eat--the best being la cosina de stephanie! :)

  2. And the Saturday afternoon nap was delicious too!