Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning in the office!

So, our office has become a little cluttered this year.... This used to be our awesome puzzle table:

Garrett (one of my office mates) and I decided to take the initiative of cleaning up the mess this morning.  Here are some after pictures:

I also decided to clean my desk, but I forgot to take a before picture.  Here's the after:

But there is still a little work left to be done :)


  1. All thanks to Garrett and his initiatives, your office looks tidy and organized! I must say that I like the space look after it was cleaned and organized. Everything is in its proper place, which makes it easier to move and work. Also, the place looks spacious after the clean-up. [Rosalee Scher]

  2. Well, the best solution for clutter is to clear it. And after you de-clutter, make sure you stay organized as long as possible. No matter how clean the surfaces are of a home or an office; they appear dirty when there's clutter Moreover, it's what makes the place dusty and dirty. Bo @