Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rainbow Chocolate Cake

My husband's birthday was two months ago and we really didn't get a chance to celebrate it at the time. As we were walking through the grocery store today, I asked him if he would like to make a birthday cake / dessert this weekend to properly celebrate it! I left him in the baking aisle to ponder all the possibilities. A few minutes later, he rounded the corner with a box of Rainbow "Tie-Dye" cake mix and chocolate funfetti icing!

When we got home, I started reading and following the instructions. The beginning was pretty straight forward. Mix cake mix, water, oil and, interestingly, only egg whites (no yolks). I can only assume that is to not tint the colors? Not sure though. Then, I split the cake batter into six bowls with approximately 2/3 cup cake batter in each bowl.

The box came with three packets of dye (yellow, red, and blue) and instructions on how many drops of each color to fill the six bowls of cake mix. I really liked the brightness of the red ad blue colors.

I don't have two 8" round cake pans, but the instructions said a greased 9x13 pan would work. For this pan, I poured all the cake batter from each individual bowl into the 9x13 pan in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and finally purple. The trick is to pour the next color directly in the middle of where the last color was poured. Each layer will slowly spread out as you add an additional layer. The last step is to lightly jiggle the pan to even out any cake batter that may have been uneven. This was the cake after I jiggled it a bit.

I baked the cake in a 350F oven for 32 minutes and tested with a knife to see if it was done. Looked good to me! Then I let it cool an hour before trying to decorate it with icing.

After letting it cool, I removed it from the pan and covered it in chocolate funfetti icing! We sang Happy (belated) Birthday to him and enjoyed it after our dinner tonight. Hopefully, this post will inspire a little color creativity in your next baking adventure!