Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rice University's Centennial Celebration

Rice Institute President Edgar Odell Lovett opened the Rice Institute on October 12, 1912 and this week Rice University will have its centennial celebration October 10-14, 2012! 

There are many, many events going on this week including the Centennial Lecture Series, homecoming, alumni reunion weekend, performances and parties.  I just want to highlight one of the lectures scheduled for tomorrow: 

Centennial Lecture Series #1: J. Craig Venter - Wed Oct 10 3-4pm in the Tudor Fieldhouse

AbstractPerhaps most famous for being among the first to sequence the human genome, Dr. Venter in 2010 created the first cell with a synthetic genome. He has been listed as one of the world's most influential people by both Time magazine and the British New Statesman. Venter also is tackling energy (stating that algae show promise); last year he published a high-profile paper on the first creation of synthetic life that included then-Rice student Thomas Segall-Shapiro as an author.

Calendar of all events: Centennial calendar

Google Calendar specifically for all the graduate student events: tinyurl.com/GSAcentennial

Happy Centennial Rice University!

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