Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live Forum Tomorrow on 'Big Data' from the White House

Tomorrow afternoon the White House will be hosting a 90 minute forum on the Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data! Tune in at 2pm Eastern live on Thursday March 29th to see leaders in academia, industry, and the heads of these governmental agencies OSTP, NSF, NIH, DoE, DoD, DARPA and USGS.  A blogpost from suggested even though it is of interest in how to store large data, what's more interesting is how to infer information from large data.  This is exactly the question that genetics and genomics is asking with next-generation sequencing.  We are now at a point that sequencing someone's genome is cheap.  Interpreting the variants from someone's genome is the million, no billion dollar question.  As a statistician, I'm curious to see the government's stance on analyzing not only large data coming out of companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, but also genome data (hopefully).  


  1. I won't be able to catch it. :-( Can I see it online later?

  2. NYT had a nice story about this today ...