Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Statistics

The cultural revolution from the recent #metoo movement has demonstrated that sexual harassment and sexual assault are far too common and often go unreported in professional settings, including in the field of Statistics. In response to this, I have organized a late breaking session at the Joint Statistical Meetings on Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Statistics on Monday July 30, 2018 2-3:50pm in Vancouver, Canada.

The focus of this session is to bring together seven panelists to discuss how sexual misconduct can negatively impact the careers of the victims and how we as a community can make positive changes. Our goal is to open the dialogue on recognizing and condemning predatory sexual behavior, and provide support and inclusion to all members of the statistics community.

This session will be a positive discussion to address this topic and will offer perspectives from conference participants, elected leaders of professional societies, academic journal editors, academic department chairs, and program committee members. In addition, this session will also include the perspective of individuals who have been directly impacted by sexual harassment or assault, which is particularly relevant to other individuals in the audience who have also been impacted by sexual harassment or assault, but may not have discussed it publicly. Keegan Korthauer will chair the session and our panelists will include:

If you are planning on attending #JSM2018, I invite you to join us.  

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